My List Of Free US Poker Sites For Firefox With Linux


This has been my favorite site so far. The reasons being you can actually play for free and have a descent shot at winning. I won 7$'s so far which isn't much but considering it's free I'm cool with that.


This site is good because they offer wsop qualifiers and is technically free. I do see where someone could win prizes on the site without a paid subscription. However it seems considerably more difficult to win as a free member than as a paying member which I dislike. Like I've stated multiple other times I dislike with built on casinos because I always blow my play money. Overall it's not a bad site just not good enough to be #1 on my list so far.


I liked this site to begin with. However every time I log on to the site it seems to be more outdated. I would completely remove this site from my list except it meets my qualifications ;and that's a rare thing. Maybe one day they will get there act together. For the time being I see no way of making profit on the site. Maybe the daily free roll... Which too my surprise has resurfaced.  I've had a level 5 ticket for a while and every time I glance in to the level 5 room maybe one other person is in it at most. 

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