Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cafrino Poker on Cell Phone

I was able to play Cafrino Poker on my cell phone. It worked well. My only complaint is the screen would not rotate for me. I accidentally got kicked out for ten hands of inactivity which is a neat rule. It would be awesome on a bigger cell phone or a tablet.
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I have a s4 mini great phone but not for playing poker online.

Hopefully I can win a few bucks soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cafrino Poker Tournaments

Cafrino Poker has a new system in place it appears. They now have daily MTT aka multi table tournaments where you can win a dollar for a one chip buy in. For the most part the buy ins reflect the value of the tournament 10 chips ten dollar prize pool etc. When I logged in I received 5 chips and it resets in a hour. They have other MTT tournaments with larger prizes with larger buy ins. I have a lot of chips. I'm unsure why; probably from where I had played a couple years back. It is working well in my browser as always. I had a issue resetting the password on my cell phone. Hopefully I can play with on Cafrino now with my cell phone I will check that later today.

Cafrino now has a monthly level 10 tournaments with a 2000$ prize pool currently. In the past it was difficult to play in tournaments above level 4. The reason being site traffic could not support higher levels. Because people are eliminated as you go, eventually you run out of people. That being said the new multi table tourneys seem promising. Cafrino Poker seems to be moving in a good direction to me hopefully it will continue to grow so I can win some money!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Learning Poker Books

Unfortunately I have not had much time to play cards lately. However recently I've had a couple people ask me what books I would recommend to beginning poker player.

The first book I would recommend if not the whole series is. The reason I like this book and his other books some intro to poker books I have read are over conservative. This book and the other two book of the series recommend being conservative but explain when to play aggressive especially in regards to increasing blinds in tournaments.

The second book I would recommend if for no other reason I enjoyed the read is Caro's. This book is mostly intended for playing in person. It has some interesting poker phycology explained in the book. I have not had the opportunity to read his other books yet I have heard they are good and have some in depth poker theory.

The last book I would recommend is of course Super System. I have not read Super System 2 yet. I'm look forward to doing that soon. However what I like about this book was it covered a lot of different poker games in one book not just Hold Em'. Well hopefully you will check out a couple of these books and let me know if you enjoy them as well.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cafrino Free Rolls Rolling Again

I was surprised to seem some e-mails from Cafrino about upcoming free rolls. I just wanted to give come attention to that because I had all but wrote them off. Who knows maybe one day the other tournaments will reach enough population to matter...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Just got a tablet and used it to play poker

I just got a new tablet and was able to use it to play cards at NLOP and Cafrino. It was difficult to raise with it because it wanted to move the screen instead of the sliders but I managed ok with it. The poker site may work better with better tablets mine is cheap. I mostly bought it to check e-mails and let my kid play games but it worked for cards I was happy to see that. Well hopefully I will have more time to play cards soon and win some tournaments and give better insight into what is going on in the world on Browser Based Poker games but that's all I got for today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NLOP New Tournaments

So far I love the new tournaments it's easy to not get eliminated and lose your points but challenging to progress. I've made it to the fourth round so far and have won one tournament point. You need 25 tournament points to play in the smallest tournament. It's a start though and I like the 6 person table tournament more than I thought I would. It's a quicker game generally speaking and more aggressive which typically doesn't suite my style but I've played well in it so far. It still does seem very time consuming to win anything. Which is what I thought when I first saw the lay out.  However it is cool to be able to play whenever you want to as opposed only when the tournament type you have left to play for time shows up. I'll try to keep progressing and update everyone when I break 25 tournament points and how long it takes. Like I said in a previous post I'm not playing much right now so my time frame for success would not be indicative of someone actually playing hours a day or anything like that.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sit and go with possible cash to made update at NLOP

NLOP now has basically a sit and go cash game feature where you have to accumulate tokens to play now. The tokens cost a large amount of play chips to have a chance at winning. However I like the system a lot. It seems like it would take weeks or months to ever have a shot at making some serious money but what else can you expect from free poker. I'll give it a shot over the next month or two and see if I can start making some tokens. The other neat thing is you can free roll your way into rounds where you can win tokens by doing sit and go tables but I have a pretty good amount of play chips saved up so I'll start in round 3 or so probably. The big game would take months and months if not years too play in just by my guess but some of the smaller sit and go rounds seems doable possibly in a couple months. Now I just wish they would add a large multi table point and token tournaments to play in instead of just sit and go's. I like the move though by adding more options. This makes the site more accessible to actually winning something more often.
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