Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cafrino Poker Tournaments

Cafrino Poker has a new system in place it appears. They now have daily MTT aka multi table tournaments where you can win a dollar for a one chip buy in. For the most part the buy ins reflect the value of the tournament 10 chips ten dollar prize pool etc. When I logged in I received 5 chips and it resets in a hour. They have other MTT tournaments with larger prizes with larger buy ins. I have a lot of chips. I'm unsure why; probably from where I had played a couple years back. It is working well in my browser as always. I had a issue resetting the password on my cell phone. Hopefully I can play with on Cafrino now with my cell phone I will check that later today.

Cafrino now has a monthly level 10 tournaments with a 2000$ prize pool currently. In the past it was difficult to play in tournaments above level 4. The reason being site traffic could not support higher levels. Because people are eliminated as you go, eventually you run out of people. That being said the new multi table tourneys seem promising. Cafrino Poker seems to be moving in a good direction to me hopefully it will continue to grow so I can win some money!

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