Saturday, April 18, 2015

Learning Poker Books

Unfortunately I have not had much time to play cards lately. However recently I've had a couple people ask me what books I would recommend to beginning poker player.

The first book I would recommend if not the whole series is. The reason I like this book and his other books some intro to poker books I have read are over conservative. This book and the other two book of the series recommend being conservative but explain when to play aggressive especially in regards to increasing blinds in tournaments.

The second book I would recommend if for no other reason I enjoyed the read is Caro's. This book is mostly intended for playing in person. It has some interesting poker phycology explained in the book. I have not had the opportunity to read his other books yet I have heard they are good and have some in depth poker theory.

The last book I would recommend is of course Super System. I have not read Super System 2 yet. I'm look forward to doing that soon. However what I like about this book was it covered a lot of different poker games in one book not just Hold Em'. Well hopefully you will check out a couple of these books and let me know if you enjoy them as well.


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