Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NLOP New Tournaments

So far I love the new tournaments it's easy to not get eliminated and lose your points but challenging to progress. I've made it to the fourth round so far and have won one tournament point. You need 25 tournament points to play in the smallest tournament. It's a start though and I like the 6 person table tournament more than I thought I would. It's a quicker game generally speaking and more aggressive which typically doesn't suite my style but I've played well in it so far. It still does seem very time consuming to win anything. Which is what I thought when I first saw the lay out.  However it is cool to be able to play whenever you want to as opposed only when the tournament type you have left to play for time shows up. I'll try to keep progressing and update everyone when I break 25 tournament points and how long it takes. Like I said in a previous post I'm not playing much right now so my time frame for success would not be indicative of someone actually playing hours a day or anything like that.

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