Monday, December 17, 2012

US Poker Browser Based Sites Linux Compatible and Free

My Search for has been for browser based poker sites where Americans can play Poker For Free! That are also compatible with Linux and Windows  So far I've found two free poker sites where you can play online free poker. Both seem hard to win money on but who cares; at least they seem to be legal and free.  The reason I listed these sites are they are browser based, so can be played on Linux and in the United States. If you know of any other site legal for American's that can be played on Linux hit me up. I'll play the site then rank it below good luck on the digital felt!

1. it's a pretty cool site you build up points by logging in or playing that allow you access to play into tournaments pretty good traffic on the site while the prizes may be hard to win you have a shot at some cool prizes. Right now they have a promotion going where you can play on a cruise ship if you win the tournament, I probably will not have  enough points by the tournament date to play in the tournament but it's still pretty cool.

2. I like the concept but they need more multi table tournaments.  The reason being it seems it may take forever for the single tables or heads up games to reach high enough levels to win anything. I have a few level 5 multi table tickets and level 5 games rarely start from my experience. Which makes cashing out at this point impossible. The coolest yet most annoying this about the site is if you sit out for 10 hands they automatically boot you from the game.

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