Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Found a New Site to Add to Free Browser Based Poker List

The new free poker site I found looking on facebook is pureplay.com
The free poker site is compatible with Firefox and has some good and bad points to it. The bad points so far to me are; they have a lot of casino games; and to many tournaments that require you to be a member to play. Which almost had me exclude them from my list. The reason I don't care for casino games is when I get bored; I tend to waste my play chips playing slots. The good point about the site is they have a tournament where you can go play in the world series of poker which is one of my goals in life; so that seems cool to me. Overall they are now my second rated poker site for now.

1. NLOP.com
2. Pureplay.com
3. Cafrino.com
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