Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Should Only Play Poker Not Casino Crap

Just like I predicted would happen I got bored, then I blew all my play money on pureplay. That's the reason I hate sites with slot machines etc. Built on with the poker site. Now it's going to take me a month to build my play money bank roll back up. Oh well, it's my own fault. I've not been playing good the last week. I think just been a little bit burnt out probably need to take a few days off from online poker. I need to be fresh on the 22nd to give my self a chance at the cruise ship on NLOP. It's a crazy unlikely shot to begin with. I better at least have patience and rest going into it. If anyone else is playing on these sites or know of other site I should mention on this site let me know. Like I said the sites just need to be compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer and allow US players.

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