Monday, January 28, 2013

Whoever came up with no action time limits is a dummy

I am beginning to hate all sites that have a no action time limit or hand limit in multi table tournaments. I understand having a time limit in sit and go's. However having them in multi table tournaments is just asinine. Trust me... the blinds will take care of quick enough to not need this stupid crap in multi table tournaments. Especially whenever you have a option to chose what to do before the hand that does not count towards the time limit. Whatever dumb person came up with this novel idea should not be allowed near a poker sites structure. At first I like the idea but after clicking fold for a few hands then my Internet going out for a few seconds while being top 10 in chips just kicking me out of a tournament I realized how stupid this concept is. Every site on my list does this crap. Real life tournaments take blinds which is a pain why do on line poker sites believe no action time or hand limits is acceptable or for that matter beneficial to multi table tournaments I will never understand. It would make more since if the person never logged in say they have ten minutes but after that the blinds should be the determining factor.

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